The Reformation of Internet Manners

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Our mission

Helping families & schools teach kids how to treat others, online.

of teens in the United States
are online
of 12-17 yr. olds
have been
bullied online
of young people
have experienced
online bullying


Amid an online culture of humiliation, disagreement, and endless opinion—there has to be a better way. Could a resurgence of manners be what our society needs?

The Essay

May we all pursue using technology responsibly in our digital age, leading by example in a resurgence of manners. The internet is a powerful tool that should always be used for good, not noise.

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The Chart

Download the chart, print it out, and hang it on the wall to remind yourself and others what online etiquette is. Share it with your family and friends. May it spark meaningful conversations and most importantly, real actions that transcend our digital world.

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About the project

Good Internet Manners is an exploration of etiquette in our digital age. Our mission is to help families and schools teach kids how to treat others, online.

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